Monday, June 30, 2014

PR Career Interview with Ercia Tackett

Go Green! Go White!

 I am starting Michigan State in the fall and my head is swimming with all the information that the school is giving. So, I wanted to reach out to a student and get their weigh in on all this career stuff.  

 I am going to major in marketing in the business school, but I also like the creativity of advertising and communications.  I am pretty good with coming up with ideas and writing.

Well, there's a lot to think about and I wanted to ask someone who's "been there, done that".... that's why I chose Ms. Erica Tackett as my first interview.

She is amazing.This summer she is a Corporate Communications Intern at Chrysler Group LLC and she is the Director of the Michigan State University PR Firm, Hubbell Connections. 

Her major is Advertising with a specialization in Public Relations. She is in the MSU Residence Halls Association and a Peer Advisor in the Communications Arts and Sciences Career office.

She's interned/worked for 89X CIMX, Pete's Place and The State News. She recently won the 2014 George Brown Memorial Scholarship. The Award is a PACE Award from the Central Michigan Public Relations Society of America. Erica won this PACE award, which is mid-Michigan's highest honor of public relations activities. (See photo)

She was kind enough to answer my questions:

1.)    What first attracted you to go into PR? Did you always see yourself going into this field?
When I was still in high school, I had intentions of going into the medical field—then I took AP Biology and realized that was NOT for me! I was class president at the time, and my school counselor recommended I try out PR. The rest is history. 

2.)    What is one of the most fun experiences you have had being a part of Hubell?
Hubbell Connections has been so rewarding in so many different ways. As for the top of the list, I would have to say seeing your client gain news coverage. It may not seem fun from the surface, but when you work hard on promoting an event and see a story online the next day it's super thrilling!

3.) What have you learned and how have you grown/matured by being a part of Hubell?
Hubbell has taught me everything from the basics of working with different clients and learning how to work with each one differently, to handling a client crisis. Hubbell gives students the opportunity to try out different aspects of the industry, and gain a general knowledge and skill level of PR that they can build on later in their school career—whether it be with Hubbell in an executive position, or at an internship. 

3.)    Why did you choose to go to Michigan State?
I came from an area where hardly anyone moved away to school. I decided early on that I wanted to go away, and Michigan State was my number one choice. Then, after researching their PR program and learning about PRSSA, I was set. I was fortunate to attend a "Day at State" program, where I was partnered with the at that time Hubbell Director. She was super informative about Hubbell Connections and all the opportunity the firm had to offer. 

4.)    What would you have done differently if you could go back to your first year in college?
Nothing. I have had an amazing experience so far in my college career, and wouldn't change a thing. There are little things here and there that I would have been better off with or without, but you can't live life with regrets. Make the most of out your first year and get involved in EVERYTHING POSSIBLE—you won't regret it. 

5.)    What are some of the most important tips to be successful in college?
Find what you're passionate about and completely submerse yourself in it. I joined PRSSA as a freshman—I knew no one, was probably the only freshman, and was scared to death. But by stepping out of my comfort zone, I met amazing people and have gained experience that many people don't have by the time they graduate. If you get involved from the beginning, you will strongly benefit later. 

Thank you Erica!

See you at State in the fall - count me in!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Role Model, Jennifer Hawkins #thezonedancecenter

Role models help shape you into the person you would like to become.

One of my role models is my older cousin, Jennifer. I’m aware she’s not world famous, or doesn’t have millions of dollars in the bank, but to me a person with material things doesn’t determine their success in life.  
Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer is a dance teacher, and she has been dancing her whole life.  To me, it doesn’t matter how many people know who are are or if the whole world has regconized a person for what they accomplished; it’s about how big of difference a person has made maybe in just one person’s life.

As a dance teacher, Jennifer Hawkins has touched countless students’ lives and has shown them how to be passionate about something you love. I love her passion for the art of dance. 

Below is a video sample of her prize-winning choreography! She is amazing! 

To me, someone’s passion is so beautiful…she’s constantly thinking of new choreography, new show themes and I love how dance takes over her mind, she is truly talented. 

That's why she is the Artistic Director at the Zone Dance Center in Southfield. Oh, and they're celebrating ten years this year!  And she's still excited as day one …and it gets better and better every year!

Passion is the key to success and Jennifer has it and she is!

Father's Day Tribute to My Dad

Yeah, I'm a Daddy's Girl! 

As a teenager, I rarely see girls who are close with their fathers. I’m lucky that my father is my best friend. Obviously we don’t agree on everything all the time, but I know he has the best interest for me. 

My dad will drop everything he’s doing to make sure I have the best, and that I’m happy. 

He is constantly worried about my well-being and safety and whenever something is wrong with me he just wants to put a smile on my face…which he never fails at doing. 

He teaches me a lot - and I love hanging out with him. He's a lot of fun. 

I appreciate the big sacrifices he makes for me, and the small things he does. He's my hero. 

Whether it's paying for my education, getting my car cleaned, making dinner after his long day at work,  or going out to buy me stuff needed in my life on a regular,  I honestly have the best father in the world; I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else. Love him! 

Book Review Hello My Name is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. [Video]

Beauty is a big business and a big deal - especially for teenage girls.  So much emphasis is on how a person "looks."  

A lot of girls want to be "celebrity-like" perfect but in real life you can't look like you're on the Red Carpet everyday.  

Some girls have more issues than VOUGE. Meaning they don't feel good about themselves and have low self-esteem because they don't feel "beautiful."

So many  teenage girls watch reality TV shows and music videos and try to look like the Kim Kardashian or Beyonce. A girl will have to really know and hear often that she is "beautiful" by her own standards.  If not, you'll always be insecure. And trust me, insecurity will destroy you. 

So, I was recently given a book to review on my blog by Loretta A. Morman.  She is a graduate of Michigan State (Yaay!) and she was also in the movie "DREAMS." She is so amazing! Plus she has a Master's degree and her own business.  She is an awesome role model.

Anyway, Loretta Morman just wrote “Hello My Name is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L”  - and it is actually a very good bookI like reading books about how to better yourself, and to be a better woman…especially because I’m going to attending Michigan State University and I will be away from everyone that keeps me sane, it's important I know who I am, and that I know what I stand for so I don’t lose myself in college.

The pressure to be "beautiful" can really make girls very anxious and sometimes become anorexic or even worse. It's sad.  There's more to life than trying to look a certain way...

Loretta's book teaches girls how to take care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally through the Word of God, which is very important. 
Book by Loretta A. Morman, Hello My Name is BEAUTIFUL

As young girls we tend to sometimes lose our way, and forget that there is always God  on our side and we can lean on Him during whatever mood we are in.  Her book is also a workbook which helps you really dig deeps and know yourself and get to know God more. 

This book covers just about everything on being a girl…from table etiquette, make up, being confident to tons of other aspects of being a girl, the book covers it all. I can tell a lot a research went into the book and Loretta does a good job of breaking down the details so even "tweens" can understand this book. 

My Name is BEAUTIFUL is a good book for pre-teens, teens and even younger adults. Every girl could benefit from this book because the learning never stops. 

Watch this video and order the book!  It's available on Amazon.

Hello My Name is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. 


A graduate of Michigan State University ( B.A. in psychology) and University of Chicago (M.A. in Social Service Administration), Loretta  Morman has definitely prepared herself educationally to gain the proper training to fulfill what she believes she has been called to motivate young people to live beyond the boundaries of their cultures and exceed the limits of their environments. Loretta is an advocate for young girls in gaining a healthy and wholesome sense of self-worth and self-esteem. 

Due to her passion for young girls, Loretta has taught various charm and etiquette classes. Loretta's passion for the performing arts, and love for young people have been the leading factors in her desire of establishing her own business, Life Beyond the Norm LLC. Loretta's overall mission is to please God and to always be true to herself while continuously serving others.