Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sophomore Thoughts #MichiganStateUniversity - The Disney World of the Midwest

To be honest, I can remember wanting to attend Michigan State ever since I was nine years old. My grandfather went here, my aunt was a cheerleader here and my uncle played football. I was just born into a Spartan family. 

I didn’t even know what Michigan State truly had to offer, but I just knew that’s the place I wanted to be. But since I am being honest, there was a moment when I was naïve and thought I wanted to be a Wolverine, but luckily I quickly saw the light again.

I believe I attend the best university there is; that’s not just an opinion, it’s a fact. Michigan State University is a Disney world for young adults – the happiest place on earth. This school is SO much more than a place to earn a degree; it’s an experience, it’s a lifestyle. The Spartan head is way more than just our school mascot, it represents strength, and unity. There are over 460,000 alumni and they are still so in love with this university, they bleed green. I see that passion and fire in my grandfather, he sings our fight song with great pride and joy as much as the current students here. He may have been a student several years ago but his love for this school has traveled with him throughout his whole life.

Michigan State students are all intelligent, bright people. Ibelieve that Spartans are going to change the world. With such a diverse community, and constantly meeting people different than you, you’re able to grow and expand your mind while learning about different types of people. By listening to other's struggles, cultures, family-life and so on, allows us students get a better feel of the world around us and gives us a chance to better ourselves; therefore make this world a better place.

No matter where I go around campus, everyone is so friendly and helpful. My first day of my freshman year, I got lost a million times on this huge beautiful campus, but I wasn’t even nervous to ask for help because everyone was so willing and excited to help a new Spartan find their way around their new found home.

But the best time at this adult Disney World is the fall. The campus is absolutely breath taking. All the trees that lace through our campus turn into different shades of burgundies, oranges and yellows.  The way the trees surround the rim of the Red Cedar River is something so beautiful that you can truly only appreciate in person. It looks like literal perfection. 

Not only does the campus look picture-perfect, but fall is also football season! Going to a D1 school with an awesome football team makes game days such a huge event that I am so blessed to be a part of. No matter where you go, you hear strangers shout to each other “Go Green!” “Go White!” This school has the most school spirit I have ever seen.
Students are decked out in their green and white, probably looking like a fool to the average person (aka anyone who is not an MSU student because we aren’t just “average” people), but with the Spartan head on the chest, how could you ever feel silly?

From the outside looking in, Michigan State can seem like a pretty intimidating place. It is a huge campus, over 48,000 students attend here and you would think that sometimes you “only feel like a number..”  But the truth is, there are hundreds of clubs and organizations that will help you discover your passion, or “Spartan family."  This is truly the place to find yourself, what you want to do, what you’re passionate about…the opportunities are limitless. Also the people I have met here, are people I know I will be friends with for a lifetime.

All I know is, even on the worst days at MSU (i.e taking the CATA in January and it rides right past you because its too full because its approximately -10 degrees with 7 inches of snow, and you’re already running late to class) it's still the best place on earth. It’s a home away from home, its somewhere that is teaching me so many things about the world and myself. I couldn’t be luckier to go to a school that I love so much.  Go Green!! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our First Pom Performance #spartanswill #MSUGU

I had so much fun at the MSU Grandparents University. #MSUGU is an opportunity for grandparents and grandchildren (ages 8-12) to come together for a three-day educational experience while spending time together on the MSU campus.
  • Participants enjoy the college experience of living in the residence halls, attending classes across campus and sampling the many highlights of MSU. Grandparents University gives alumni a chance to relive their college days while exploring campus and creating lifelong memories with their grandchildren.

    Grandparents University is organized by the alumni relations professionals within colleges and units across campus. The program is self-supporting and relies entirely on registration fees, donor contributions and sponsor support to cover all expenses.

Today was MSU Grandparents University Performance!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Freshman Year Reflection

It is crazy to think that my freshman year of college has come to an end. I’ve met so many amazing people that have touched my life in one too many ways. I never knew I would meet such great people during just my first year at Michigan State

I have made such loyal friends, and I cannot wait for our friendship to grow over the years! 

I’m also proud of myself and what I have accomplished personally. 

Although I did have many challenges, and obstacles I managed to conquer them. I used the bumps in the road help build me into a better student/leader/person, rather than bring me down. 

MBP Gala 2015
College has taught me not to be afraid in admitting I need help. Before college I would’ve never thought I would have  said“I just want to talk to my parents” countless times. They have been there for me throughout my journey at MSU. 

I also am so proud to say I am on an executive board for an organization I am a part of (Women in Business Students’ Association.) 

Also I am glad I have recently picked up a passion of mine again, I am a proud member of the MSU Pompon team. I am excited to see what I will accomplish with the rest of the team, and how it will also help me grow and teach me life lessons; as well as make life long friends.

I have grown into such a leader and not afraid to speak my mind. I was always timid and never wanted to talk to my professors, then I realized no one else cares about my grade more than I do. 

Freshman year literally went by in a blink of an eye. It seems like just yesterday I was getting butterflies pulling up to my dorm.

I am beyond excited to see what else I will do here during my next three years. It can only get better, and this year was pretty freakin’ awesome.

I can definitely see why the alumni of MSU are so in love with this school, and truly bleed green. 

Go Green! Go White! 

P.S. Excited about this summer. I'm interning at IHS Automotive.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

What a great way to end my first year at Michigan State!

Go Green! Go White! 
(can't you tell?)

It's going to be a great sophomore year! What a blessing!

 Meet the 2015-2016 MSU Pom Team!
1 Full TeamCongratulations to the 2015-2016 MSU Pompon Team!
Marissa Alfano – Conditioning Chair
Emily Arthur
Catherine Bacon
Sierra Barnes
Ashley Barr
Christina Boal
Jillian Esper
Anna Fillar
Leigh Fitzpatrick
Madalyn Geletzke
Jessie Hackman – Treasurer
Katie Justice
Mikayla Kempf
Stacie Kussro
Nicole Lelo
Ashling Magolan
Carly Mercure
Gabbi O’Connell
Scout Parsch
Aubrey Perry
Ayden Peters
Jordan Pollard
Natalie Puckett – Assistant Captain
Kaylie Quimby – Captain
Amanda Rodgers – Secretary
Gabby Russell – Big / Little Sister Chair
Shannon Southerland
Jeanine Tsoukalas – Spirit Chair
Abby Urbanski
Renee Weil
Thank you! 
Now....onto the finals....