Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Freshman Year Reflection

It is crazy to think that my freshman year of college has come to an end. I’ve met so many amazing people that have touched my life in one too many ways. I never knew I would meet such great people during just my first year at Michigan State

I have made such loyal friends, and I cannot wait for our friendship to grow over the years! 

I’m also proud of myself and what I have accomplished personally. 

Although I did have many challenges, and obstacles I managed to conquer them. I used the bumps in the road help build me into a better student/leader/person, rather than bring me down. 

MBP Gala 2015
College has taught me not to be afraid in admitting I need help. Before college I would’ve never thought I would have  said“I just want to talk to my parents” countless times. They have been there for me throughout my journey at MSU. 

I also am so proud to say I am on an executive board for an organization I am a part of (Women in Business Students’ Association.) 

Also I am glad I have recently picked up a passion of mine again, I am a proud member of the MSU Pompon team. I am excited to see what I will accomplish with the rest of the team, and how it will also help me grow and teach me life lessons; as well as make life long friends.

I have grown into such a leader and not afraid to speak my mind. I was always timid and never wanted to talk to my professors, then I realized no one else cares about my grade more than I do. 

Freshman year literally went by in a blink of an eye. It seems like just yesterday I was getting butterflies pulling up to my dorm.

I am beyond excited to see what else I will do here during my next three years. It can only get better, and this year was pretty freakin’ awesome.

I can definitely see why the alumni of MSU are so in love with this school, and truly bleed green. 

Go Green! Go White! 

P.S. Excited about this summer. I'm interning at IHS Automotive.

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