Sunday, August 31, 2014

Misha L. Helvey, Vice President, Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing: Strategy aimed at unifying different marketing methods such as mass marketing, one-to-one marketing, and direct marketing. Its objective is to complement and reinforce the market impact of each method, and to employ the market data generated by these efforts in product development, pricing, distribution, customer service, etc.
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Since I am studying marketing at Michigan State University, I decided I would feature those who have successful careers in marketing. I selected Misha Helvey, Vice President, Integrated Marketing for Real Times Media, because not only is she a great role role model for me in marketing but also a Michigan State University graduate. Go Green! She's also from Detroit. 

Here's the interview: 

1. What influenced you to be your current career? The opportunity to meet amazing people and earn an attractive salary.

2. What is one challenge you've faced and what did you learn from it?
A consistent challenge in my industry is reduced marketing budgets. I have learned to demonstrate that by partnering with our Brands, it will result in growing their revenue and increasing their budgets!

3. Do you have a mentor? Yes, it was my dad. He taught me I can do anything I want in this world, as long as I am willing to accept the consequences. Consequences can be good or bad. :-)

4. If so, how has your mentor impacted your life/career? He inspired me to be confident and unafraid to follow my dreams!

5. What do you do to continue to grow and develop as a leader?
Training to keep up with advances and demonstrate I'm a team player by listening and supporting our team as needed.

6. What advice would you give a college student today?
Don't be afraid to open your mind to explore the vast array of training opportunities that exist. But most importantly, make friends and have fun!!! :-)

Misha L. Helvey
Vice President, Integrated Marketing for
Real Times Media
Atlanta, GA  
Twitter : @Mishalhelvey


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