Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Role Model, Jennifer Hawkins #thezonedancecenter

Role models help shape you into the person you would like to become.

One of my role models is my older cousin, Jennifer. I’m aware she’s not world famous, or doesn’t have millions of dollars in the bank, but to me a person with material things doesn’t determine their success in life.  
Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer is a dance teacher, and she has been dancing her whole life.  To me, it doesn’t matter how many people know who are are or if the whole world has regconized a person for what they accomplished; it’s about how big of difference a person has made maybe in just one person’s life.

As a dance teacher, Jennifer Hawkins has touched countless students’ lives and has shown them how to be passionate about something you love. I love her passion for the art of dance. 

Below is a video sample of her prize-winning choreography! She is amazing! 

To me, someone’s passion is so beautiful…she’s constantly thinking of new choreography, new show themes and I love how dance takes over her mind, she is truly talented. 

That's why she is the Artistic Director at the Zone Dance Center in Southfield. Oh, and they're celebrating ten years this year!  And she's still excited as day one …and it gets better and better every year!

Passion is the key to success and Jennifer has it and she is!

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