Saturday, June 14, 2014

Father's Day Tribute to My Dad

Yeah, I'm a Daddy's Girl! 

As a teenager, I rarely see girls who are close with their fathers. I’m lucky that my father is my best friend. Obviously we don’t agree on everything all the time, but I know he has the best interest for me. 

My dad will drop everything he’s doing to make sure I have the best, and that I’m happy. 

He is constantly worried about my well-being and safety and whenever something is wrong with me he just wants to put a smile on my face…which he never fails at doing. 

He teaches me a lot - and I love hanging out with him. He's a lot of fun. 

I appreciate the big sacrifices he makes for me, and the small things he does. He's my hero. 

Whether it's paying for my education, getting my car cleaned, making dinner after his long day at work,  or going out to buy me stuff needed in my life on a regular,  I honestly have the best father in the world; I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else. Love him! 

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