Sunday, March 16, 2014


I was so blessed to meet Lisa Nichols. Had the opportunity to interview her too for a story I'm working on! But here's a clip I shot... she is so inspiring!
Love her!

Real TV or is the Reality "Unreal" on TV by Aubrey Perry

Technology– is it enabling toxic societal behaviors or is it innocuous?  A wise
scientist by the name of Albert Einstein once said, “I fear the day that
technology will surpass our human interaction.  The world will have a
generation of idiots.”  To Mr. Einstein I would say, “not only has your
fear become a reality, but we may be way beyond the point of surpassing human
interaction and are faced with a society that is less and less smart.”

In today’s world, we are constantly on our mobile phones, whether it’s just
texting, making a few tweets, catching up on the news or using hundreds of
thousands of apps.  As a whole, society needs to know everything
now.  We want to know the “411” on everything at any given moment, and
technology is a great resource to stay informed of what is going on across the
world.  These uses of technology seem to be harmless. Being kept informed
and connected are good things.  But are we doing it at the expense of
having true human interaction?
On the other hand, a behavior that technology brings is the opportunity to create
falsehoods of who we really are.
  And the media has certainly capitalized
on this.  Being a teenage girl reading magazines, watching TV and all the
other media outlets, I see images of ‘picture perfect’ girls with the perfect
body and face.  I’m “supposed” to want to be them.  I see magazine
covers that say lose ‘X’ amount of pounds in ‘X’ days.  Those picture
perfect girls aren’t really so perfect.  The media has taken those fashion
pictures and ads through several hours of Photoshop and they are contoured into
an image to meet our obsession with physical appearance and “Red Carpet”

Not only are we obsessed with our image and outer appearance, but also where we rank on a social economic scale.  This causes us to care more about what people
think of us than what we think of ourselves. Media has disconnected us from
each other and connected us to “reality TV.”  Is this is real life?

 We are people watching television shows of people with the supposed “dream
life.”  Shows like “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” try to entice us
believe we want this life.  These types of shows have huge ratings! Not
because they have great plots or real meaning, but because we love to get a
glimpse of the glamorous, celebrity lifestyle.

The media influences us with this glitz and glamour fa├žade to have us “buy into” all the
brands the Kardashians represent and advertising around the show. For example,
I know people who would spend $2,000 on a purse from Dash (a store the
Karadashians own) just so others think they live this same glamorous life -
even though they can’t afford to put gas in their car. The media does a great
job of making us desire things we don’t need and makes us want things when we
really can’t even afford it.  Dangerous!  

If I was a marketer and could change the system, I would make all the campaigns with
real people, people that society could relate to.  I wouldn’t push the
idea of a certain life style that everyone wants. 

The idea of a “perfect body” would show all types of individuals, so that people would
see that “perfect” isn’t just one shape or size, but they could see perfect in

I would feature more commercials with genuinely good people, focusing more on inner
beauty.  My hope: to see everyone put down the iPhones, iPads, iPods,
Kindles or whatever hand-held device owned and not obsess with what the media
has deemed as “perfect” or the “glamorous life.”

 Instead, maybe we could do something productive and constructive so we can disprove Albert Einstein, that we aren’t a society of idiots. It’s time for new
generation of marketers to put “reality” back in the media and make that the
new cool look.  My dream would be to create a campaign or television show
that makes everyone feel good and makes money – without having to exaggerate
the truth that compromises our values. 

- by Aubrey Perry

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Aubrey M. Perry very first TV interview on Fox 2 News

I have always enjoyed conferences - even in Elementary school.
Learning Leadership lessons early on.... #girlsmatter

I think this is when I first decided I wanted to be a reporter.